Logan Labrent is one lustful smoker. She has the look of a true "smoking goddess" in her opening scene, a warm and wonderful mood piece. That is followed by a scene where she turns into a hungry smoking sex machine, as she gobbles up a hard dick and the inevitable flood of creamy cum that she inspires......and is quite pleased with her accomplishments!!!! Monica Mendez relaxes on her marble hearth wearing nothing but pantyhose, and enjoys 2 fingers of straight whiskey with her smoke. Rubee chats about all the things that smoking does for her and how much she enjoys it....complete with a teasy demonstration of what a "bad girl" she can be while she smokes. Salena Del Rey EATS smoke...she simply can't get enough.....and she chain smokes while telling you the story of how and why she began to smoke...all the time playing and touching all of her secret places....hoping that you'll enjoy the view. And finally the tape ends with a bonus scene featuring the bombshell Logan Labrent for an encore......Logan starts by smoking a More...gets so turned on by that, along with some sexy talk from her phone lover...that she simply has to release some of the pressure....wow! What a hot ending!!!

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