Oh, sure. Blame the cock. It's just like a slutty teenager to pass the buck on the true origins of her highly elastic cooch, and why not? Until now, these perfectly pert little hussies have skated through life on the basis of their looks, availing themselves of any and all responsibility when it comes to situations that don't exactly go their way. They just bat an eye and flash some skin and all is forgiven. Well, this reviewer is tired of it, and has written an open letter addressed specifically to the girls in 'Teens Take it Big 2' explaining the feelings some of us guys have on the matter. Dear Hot Skanks, Isn't it about time you stop your whining and complaining and own up to the mistakes that were caused in large part by your reckless and deviant behavior? We're talking here, of course, about your stretched out vaginas, which you claim were made so by the ridiculously oversized cocks of a few of your male acquaintances. Somehow it's difficult to believe that a mere 30-minute romp with a 10-inch dick is the sole culprit of all your crotch expanding woes. More than likely, the sudden incremental gains in your pubic void were caused by years and years of using your shapely bodies, small breasts and firm asses as tools to satisfy your own whims. Some of you probably even used your foreign accents or golden brown tans to lure men toward their ultimate peril. Well, those beefy straws finally caught up to you in one brokeback camel metaphor, didn't they? Granted, the cocks in question are enormously long and ridiculously thick. And there is no doubt that your puny little twats had to go well beyond their normal limits to accommodate them. But they and the men to whom they are affixed are not to blame here; it is you. You may be wondering how some creepy reviewer knows so much about a particular episode in your private lives. Well, it just so happens that on the day of all your fucking misdeeds, which supposedly led to your egregiously distended vulvas, the crew of Lethal Hardcore, who just happen to be friends, were on the premises preparing for the filming of their newest movie Teens Take it Big 2. You didn't think anything of it because the crew were conveniently at lunch at the time and your lack of analytical thought couldn't nudge your lightweight intuition from its eternal slumber. Therefore, not even a house full of video equipment and stage lights could arouse any suspicions in your neglected minds. As fortune would have it, the crew left all their cameras and lights running over the noon hour. Even more coincidentally, everything was set up in just the right spots in just the right rooms at just the right angles to catch each of you in the act. So tell us, Katie Summers, if that is your real name, just who was it that was skulking around the couch as Criss Strokes slept? Who was it that poked her head beneath his blanket and began to masturbate to him right on the spot? It was you, Katie. You were the one on all fours getting eaten out from behind. You were the one with your legs skyward, taking all ten long inches of his cock despite the fact it fit your cunny like a cheap suit. Even from a bird's eye view or a worm's eye view the world knew it was you getting wailed upon in missionary and then lowering your once tight pussy onto his dick, providing a dreamy shot of your slit sliding up and down that massive cock. And we all know it wasn't a trick of the light as you jacked his cock and took a thumb into your cute little asshole just before taking his spurting load into your hair and onto your face and tits. Tessa Taylor, try to convince us you didn't do your little hula hoop show in front of your father's friend, Billy Glide, with any kind of nasty intentions rollicking through that vacant mind. Tell us your blonde hair, adorable face and beautiful body can't stop ships and in an instant obscure all of your other shortcomings, especially said hula skills. Just who was the young tramp that took advantage of a drunken family friend, sauntered up to his lounge chair and massaged her plump pussy in front of him if it wasn't you? It was you, Tessa, she of the bangin' body who gave us all an extremely great shot of her asshole and pussy from behind. With legs straddled and waist crooked at the midriff it was you who sucked his rotund dick, the one whose circumference prevents you from tapping your fingertips together as you grip it. You jacked him with one, then two hands as he worked your clit with his fingertips. With your legs stationed apart and your feet propped into the air, you let his cock wrench open your pussy lips as it pushed ever further into your oozing twat. It was you who gave us all a good teaser shot of your sweet ass and then dropped it hard onto his thunder stick. As you bounced up and down, you sensed it was time and you two-fisted his cock, milking every drop of creamy cum onto your face and soft, natural tits. You, Tessa brought this upon your hot little self. Nikky Thorne, it was clearly you who barged into Criss Strokes' bathroom to ogle him while he showered. But you didn't stop at ogling. You stripped off your clothes to reveal a pair of ripe little tits and cute body. You sat on the toilet, legs apart, rubbing your pube-dusted pussy before falling onto all fours to finger your gorgeous slit. Nobody could mistake the accent and the absence of visible tan lines, or your prowess at cramming a freshly soaped up cock down your throat as anyone but you. You were the only one to engage in 69 and one of two to let your asshole get eaten for an extended period of time. You also begged for cum so you took matters into your own hands, one at the base and one at the top, letting your tongue skirt across the head of his cock until the white mass oozed into your mouth and down your clenched fist. You put yourself into this "thorny" situation in all senses of the word. Rhianna Ryan, you poked your nose where it didn't belong and then wish to opine when his tongue takes an extra long spin around your asshole like it was stuck in a turnstile? For shame. And last but not least, Kita Zen, what did you think would happen if you let your horniness and your exotic Asian looks get the best of you around a relative stranger? Don't answer because we already know. Ladies, the proof of how flimsy is your big dick defense sits on tape for the rest of the world to witness. As it stands you are not only a bunch of nubile, natural breasted liars, but you have extremely poor timing with your sexual chicanery. So, blame the cock if you must, but we all know the real story. There is an old phrase that says you should always let sleeping dogs lie. You dared to wake them and you ended up getting bit. Thankfully, the show you put on, though it won't help to exonerate you, was most enjoyable and many will get a kick out of seeing it and seeing some karmic justice finally done. Let this be a lesson to all of you and any other beautiful teenagers who think they are immune from the consequences of their sexual actions. Your batted eyes and flashed skin will no longer do you any good. Up yours truly, Timothy S. P.S. We forgive you.

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